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Steel Panther Singer : Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz)
Guitar : Satchel (Russ Parrish)
Bass : Lexxi Foxxx (Travis Haley)
Drums : Stix Zadinia (Darren Leader)

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Albumok :

Love Rocket (Single;as Danger Kitty) (2001)
Steel Panther - Love Rocket (Single;as Danger Kitty)1.Love Rocket 
Hole Patrol (as Metal Shop/Metal Skool) (2003)
Steel Panther - Hole Patrol (as Metal Shop/Metal Skool)1.Satan`s Intro 
2.Big Boobs 
3.Is It Hot in Here 
4.Hell`s on Fire 
5.Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) 
6.Michael Falls in Love 
7.Stripper Girl 
8.Ginger Pusses Out 
9.Metal Shop 
10.Cleveland Roxx 
Feel the Steel (2009)
Steel Panther - Feel the Steel1.Death to All But Metal 
2.Asian Hooker 
3.Community Property 
4.Eyes of a Panther 
5.Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) 
6.Eatin` Ain`t Cheatin` 
7.Party All Day (Fuck All Night) 
8.Turn Out the Lights 
9.Stripper Girl 
10.The Shocker 
11.Girl from Oklahoma 
12.Hell`s on Fire (bonus track) 
Sexy Santa (Single) (2009)
Steel Panther - Sexy Santa (Single)1.Sexy Santa 
Fantasy (Single) (2009)
Steel Panther - Fantasy (Single)1.Fantasy 
Don't Stop Believing (Single) (2009)
Steel Panther - Don1.Don`t Stop Believing 
I Want It That Way (Single) (2010)
Steel Panther - I Want It That Way (Single)1.I Want It That Way 
Balls Out (2011)
Steel Panther - Balls Out1.In the Future 
2.Supersonic Sex Machine 
3.Just Like Tiger Woods 
4.17 Girl in a Row 
5.If You Really, Really Love Me 
6.It Won`t Suck Itself 
7.Tomorrow Night 
8.Why Can`t You Trust Me 
9.That`s What Girls Are For 
10.Gold-Diggin Whore 
11.I Like Drugs 
13.Let Me Cum In 
14.Weenie Ride 
15.Do You Wanna Do Me (Japan bonus track) 
16.Handicapped Slut (Japan bonus track) 
All You Can Eat (2014)
Steel Panther - All You Can Eat1.Pussywhipped 
2.Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World 
4.Bukkake Tears 
5.Gangbang At The Old Folks Home 
6.Ten Srikes You`re Out 
7.The Burden Of Being Wonderful 
8.Fucking My Heart In The Ass 
10.You`re Beautiful When You Don`t Talk 
11.If I Was The King 
12.She`s On The Rag 

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