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Tearstained minden hangszer : Mikael Bayusik
United States of America (Rochester, NY)

Lyrical themes: Depression, Suicide

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Albumok :

Monumental in Its Sorrow (1999)
Tearstained - Monumental in Its Sorrow 1.The End of This Incarnation 
2.The Clouds That Grieve 
3.Thunderstorms Ease Me 
4.Bat Horde 
5.Suicide Pact 
6.Dead to the World 
7.The Death of All That Is Beautiful 
8.Tearstained Nightsky 
There Is No Hope (2001)
Tearstained - There Is No Hope 1.The Death of My Passion 
2.Despondent Surrender 
3.Tearstained Coffin 
4.The Curse of Christ 
5.Commit Suicide 
8.My Open Grave 
9.Lurking in the Dark (King Diamond cover) 
10.Possessed (Bathory cover) 
Final Thoughts (2003)
Tearstained - Final Thoughts 1.Emotionally Massacred 
2.Cold and Distant 
3.Trust No One 
4.Grim Bitterness 
5.Failed Suicide Attempt 
6.The Shallow Pool Of Life 
7.Hopeless Emptiness 
8.Final Thoughts 
Homicidal Tendencies (2006)
Tearstained - Homicidal Tendencies 1.Absolute Overkill in Vengeance`s Name 
2.Reduced to an Unidentifiable John Doe 
3.Time Bomb 
4.Justified Homicide (Contemplating an Act of Murder) 
5.Let Everything Die... Slowly 
6.Social Parasitism 
7.Revenge Killing Spree 
8.Genocide and Misanthropy 
Nightmare Visions (2008)
Tearstained - Nightmare Visions 1.The Old House on the Mountainside 
2.Crawling With Tarantulas 
3.The Coffin 
4.When the Sun and Moon Share the Sky 
5.Mesta Mansion 
6.The Plague Dream 
7.The Porcelain Doll 
8.Not Quite Awake 

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