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Tesla Guitar : Frank Hannon
Vocals : Jeff Keith
Bass : Brian Wheat
Drums : Troy Luccketta
Guitar : Dave Rude
Tesla is an American hard rock band formed in Sacramento, California in 1984. They have sold 6 million albums in the United States as of 2008 MORE INFO : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_(band), http://teslastaging.com/, http://www.myspace.com/teslatheband

Albumok :

Mechanical Resonance (1986)
Tesla - Mechanical Resonance 1."EZ Come EZ Go" 
2.Cumin` Atcha Live 
3.Gettin` Better 
4.2 Late 4 Love 
5.Rock Me to the Top 
6.We`re No Good Together 
7.Modern Day Cowboy 
9.Little Suzi 
10.Love Me 
11.Cover Queen 
12.Before My Eyes 
The Great Radio Controversy (1989)
Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy1.Hang Tough 
2.Lady Luck 
3.Heaven`s Trail (No Way Out) 
4.Be a Man 
5.Lazy Days 
6.Did It for the Money 
7.Yesterdaze Gone 
8.Makin` Magic 
9.The Way It Is 
10.Flight to Nowhere 
11.Love Song 
13.Party`s Over 
Five Man Acoustical Jam (live album) (1990)
Tesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam (live album)1.Comin` Atcha Live/Truckin` 
2.Heaven`s Trail (No Way Out) 
3.The Way It Is 
4.We Can Work It Out(The Beatles Cover) 
5.Signs(Five Man Electrical Band Cover) 
6.Gettin` Better 
7.Before My Eyes 
9.Lodi (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover) 
10.Mother`s Little Helper(The Rolling Stones Cover) 
11.Modern Day Cowboy 
12.Love Song 
13.Tommy`s Down Home 
14.Down Fo` Boogie 
Psychotic Supper (1991)
Tesla - Psychotic Supper 1.Change In The Weather 
2.Man Out Of Time Edison`s Medicine 
3.Don`t De-Rock Me 
4.Call It What You Want 
5.Song & Emotion 
7.Government Personnel 
8.Freedom Slaves 
9.Had Enough 
10.What You Give 
11.Stir It Up 
12.Can`t Stop 
13.Toke About It 
14.Rock the Nation 
15.I Ain`t Superstitious 
16.Run Run Run 
Bust a Nut (1994)
Tesla - Bust a Nut 1.The Gate / Invited 
3.Shine Away 
4.Try So Hard 
5.She Want She Want 
6.Need Your Lovin` 
7.Action Talks 
8.Mama`s Fool 
11.Alot to Lose 
13.Wonderful World 
14.Games People Play 
Times Makin' Changes - The Best of Tesla (compilation album) (1995)
Tesla - Times Makin1.Modern Day Cowboy 
2.Gettin` Better 
3.Little Suzi 
4.Heaven`s Trail (No Way Out) 
5.The Way It Is 
6.Love Song 
9.Edison`s Medicine 
10.Song & Emotion 
11.What You Give 
12.Mama`s Fool 
13.A Lot to Lose 
14.Steppin` Over 
Replugged Live (live album) (2001)
Tesla - Replugged Live (live album)1.Cumin` Atcha Live 
2.EZ Come EZ Go 
3.Hang Tough 
4.Gettin` Better 
5.The Way It Is 
6.Song and Emotion 
8.Call It What You Want 
9.Lazy Days, Crazy Nights 
10.We`re No Good Together, 
11.Heaven`s Trail (No Way Out) 
12.Mama`s Fool 
13.Freedom Slaves 
15.Little Suzi, 
16.What U Give 
17.Summer`s Day 
18.Love Song 
19.Edison`s Medicine 
20.Modern Day Cowboy 
Standing Room Only (live album) (2002)
Tesla - Standing Room Only (live album)1.Cumin` Atcha Live 
2.Hang Tough 
3.The Way It Is 
4.Song & Emotion 
5.Heaven`s Trail (No Way Out) 
6.Mama`s Fool 
7.Freedom Slaves 
9.Little Suzie 
10.What You Give 
11.Love Song 
12.Modern Day Cowboy 
Into the Now (2004)
Tesla - Into the Now 1.Into the Now 
2.Look @ Me 
3.What a Shame 
4.Heaven Nine Eleven 
5.Words Can`t Explain 
6.Caught in a Dream 
7.Miles Away 
8.Mighty Mouse 
9.Got No Glory 
10.Come to Me 
12.Only You 
Real to Reel (2007)
Tesla - Real to Reel 1.Space Truckin` 
2.Walk Away 
3.Hand Me Down World 
4.Bad Reputation 
5.Thank You 
6.I`ve Got a Feeling 
7.Day of the Eagle 
8.Ball of Confusion 
9.Rock Bottom 
11.Bell Bottom Blues 
12.Honky Tonk Women 
13.Dear Mr. Fantasy 
Real to Reel, Vol. 2 (2007)
Tesla - Real to Reel, Vol. 2 1.All The Young Dudes 
2.Make It Last 
3.Shooting Star 
4.Not Fragile 
5."Street Fighting Man 
6.Is It My Body 
7.I Want to Take You Higher 
8.Do You Feel Like We Do 
9.Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers 
10.Seasons of Wither 
11.Saturday Night Special 
12.War Pigs 
A Peace of Time (2007)
Tesla - A Peace of Time 1.Love You 
2.Everything I Own 
4.The Way It Is 
5.What You Give 
6.I`d Love to Change the World 
7.Silent Night 
Forever More (2008)
Tesla - Forever More 1.Forever More 
2.I Wanna Live 
3.One Day at a Time 
4.So What! 
5.Just in Case 
6.Fallin` Apart 
7.Breakin` Free 
8.All of Me 
9.The First Time 
10.Pvt. Ledbetter 
11.In A Hole Again 
12.The Game 
Tesla - Gold (compilation album) (2008)
 1.Cumin` Atcha Live 
2.Ez Come Ez Go 
3.Modern Day Cowboy 
4.Gettin` Better 
5.Rock Me To The Top 
6.Little Suzi 
7.Hang Tough 
8.Heaven`s Trail (No Way Out) 
9.Lazy Days, Crazy Nights 
10.The Way It Is 
11.Love Song 
12.Love In Vain 
13.I Ain`t Superstitious 
14.Rock The Nation 
17.Children`s Heritage 
18.Cotton Fields 
19.Edison`s Medicine 
20.Call It What YOu Want 
21.Song & Emotion 
22.What You Give 
23.Mama`s Fool 
24.Try So Hard 
25.A Lot to Lose 
26.The Ocean 
27.Last Action Hero 
28.Steppin` Over 
29.Into The Now 
30.Heaven Nine Eleven 
31.Caught In A Dream 
32.Thank You 

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