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The Raincoats (1979)
The Raincoats - The Raincoats1.No Side to Fall In 
2.Adventures Close to Home 
3.Off Duty Trip 
4.Black and White 
6.The Void 
7.Life on the Line 
8.You’re a Million 
9.In Love 
10.No Looking 
Odyshape (1981)
The Raincoats - Odyshape1.Shouting Out Loud 
2.Family Treet 
3.Only Loved at Night 
4.Dancing in My Head 
6.And Then It`s OK 
7.Baby Song 
8.Red Shoes 
9.Go Away 
The Kitchen Tapes (live) (1983)
The Raincoats - The Kitchen Tapes (live)1.No One`s Little Girl 
3.Oh Oh La La La 
4.Only Loved At Night 
5.I Saw A Hill 
6.Mouth Of A Story 
7.The Body 
8.Shouting Out Loud 
10.Dance Of Hopping Mad 
11.Animal Rhapsody 
12.Puberty Song 
13.No Side To Fall In 
14.Honey Mad Woman 
Moving (1984)
The Raincoats - Moving1.No One`s Little Girl 
2.Ooh Ooh La La La 
3.Dance Of Hopping Mad 
5.Mouth Of A Story 
6.I Saw A Hill 
9.The Body 
10.Animal Rhapsody 
Looking in the Shadows (1996)
The Raincoats - Looking in the Shadows1.Only Tonight 
2.Don`t Be Mean 
3.Forgotten Words 
5.Truth Is Hard 
7.You Ask Why 
8.57 Ways to to End it All 
9.So Damn Early 
10.You Kill Me 
11.Love a Loser 
12.Looking in the Shadows 

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