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After Ymer’s sons, Vile and Ve slaughtered their father and created the earth, they saw that man was divided and dreary! Vile and Ve couldn’t understand the reason why, but Odin knew what man needed! Odin gathered all of his might and with all the powers of the world he cast onto the world of Midgaard a band of hearty Vikings. These brave men and women called themselves Vanir! And they decided to help man through the power of mead, meat, fornication, and metal! Vanir, named for divine lineage of Njord, Freja, and Frej, had their task blessed by the gods, as they demanded that the metal be played loud enough for even Odin’s throne, Lidskjalv, to tremble. Vanir journeyed on to share their folkmetal with Midgaard’s people and to create feasts of such magnitude that they would be heard from Udgaard to Asgaard until the the day the Gjallerhorn would be heard!

  • With a varied range of musical backgrounds ranging from Black Metal (Martin, Phillip, Mike), Funk (Lars), Classical, Death Metal, and Opera (Andreas) to traditional Norse Irish and Scottish Folk Music (Amanda, Sara) Vanir sets out to create Folk Metal with a great focus on the Folk-based qualities of the music.
  • Out inspiration is gotten from the many folk tales that we have grown up with, and with an at times pretty alcoholized interpretation of myths and legends, the many tales of Vanir’s songs spring forth and make the frame of the shows with which Vanir raids and pillages the venues that they play.
  • Vanir creates the soundtrack for any party which should end in crazed drunkenness, and any raid which should end in glorious victory! We do not compromise with the folk aspect of our music and have a great respect for our ancestors, and the myths which we interpret through the music. But we also view them beyond their warrior-like qualities. Aside from being strong, proud, and brutal on the field of battle, they were also capricious had a lust for feasts and at times thoroughly smashed. Our goal at any show of ours is to tear the roof from the venue (figuratively speaking), and to show the gods that among our fans, even today, there are still Vikings worthy of sitting at the tables of Valhalla, feast on Særimner’s flesh, drink of Sutting’s mead and call themselves Einherjar of the Gods! With the release of the EP Jörmungandr, and the Album Særimners Kød, Vanir is ready to conquer Europe with their energetic brand of Folk Metal! Even now, many new songs have been cast into the mead-cauldron to be brewed. Take heed, for Vanir may well raid a city near you!

  • www.myspace.com/VanirDenmark < < < Myspace oldal!!! Katt ide!
  • Hivatalos Honlap < < < Katt ide!

  • Albumok :

    Særimners Kød (2011)
    Vanir - Særimners Kød1.Særimners Kød [watch video]
    2.Elverkongens Brud [watch video]
    3.Togtet [watch video]
    4.Langt over Havet [watch video]
    5.Hymers Kvad 
    6.Holmgang [watch video]
    7.Lokes Listighed [watch video]
    8.Gildet [watch video]
    9.Suttungs Mjød 
    10.Rejsen til Udgårdsloke [watch video]

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