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Vehemence Vocals : Nathan Gearhart
Guitar : Bjorn Dannov
Guitar : Kyle Moeller
Bass : Mark Kozuback
Drums : Andy Schroeder
(Ex)Vocals : Adam Cody
(Ex)Vocals : Sean Vandegrift
(Ex)Guitar : Scott Wiegand
(Ex)Guitar : John Chavez
(Ex)Synth : Jason Keesecker

Albumok :

Vehemence(Demo) (1998)
Vehemence - Vehemence(Demo)1.Death Of Me 
2.Banished To Infinity 
3.No One Wins 
5.Crusade Of Hypocrisy 
6.Mota Para Mi 
7.Her Beautyful Eyes 
The Thoughts From Which I Hide (2000)
Vehemence - The Thoughts From Which I Hide1.I Take Your Life 
2.Saying Goodbye 
4.What You`ve Become 
5.No One Wins 
6.Nameless Faces,Scattered Remnants 
7.Devour The Rotten Flesh 
8.Reconditioning The Flock 
Metal Blade Demos(Demo) (2001)
Vehemence - Metal Blade Demos(Demo)1.Fantasy From Pain 
2.The Last Fantasy Of Christ 
3.She Never Noticed Me 
God Was Created (2002)
Vehemence - God Was Created1.Made For Her Jesus 
2.She Never Noticed Me 
3.Fantasy From Pain 
4.Christ I Fucking Hate You! 
5.Lusting For Affection 
6.The Last Fantasy Of Christ 
7.I Didn`t Kill Her 
8.God Was Created 
9.I Must Not Live 
10.The Lord`s Work 
Helping The World To See (2004)
Vehemence - Helping The World To See1.By Your Bedside 
2.Kill For God 
3.Trinity Broadcasting(Know Your Enemy) 
4.To The Taste 
5.You Don`t Have To Be Afraid Anymore 
6.Alone In Your Presence 
7.Spirit Of The Soldier 
8.Darkness Is Comfort 
9.What Could Go Wrong? 
10.We Are All Dying 
11.Her Beautyful Eyes 

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