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Carnifex Ének : Scott Lewis
Dobok : Shawn Cameron
Gitár : Cory Arford
Gitár : Ryan Gudmunds
Basszer : Fred Calderon

Albumok :

Carnifex (2006)
Carnifex - Carnifex1.Death Awaits 
2.My Heart in Atrophy 
3.Redemption and Regret 
4.An Event of the Fallen 
5.Tragedy in Remission 
Carnifex Demo (2007)
Carnifex - Carnifex Demo1.Collaberating Like Killers 
2.Love Lies In Ashes 
3.Slit Wrist Savior 
4.Hope Dies With A Decadent 
Dead In My Arms (2007)
Carnifex - Dead In My Arms1.Intro 
2.Slit Wrist Savior 
3.Hope Dies With The Decadent 
4.Lie To My Face 
5.Love Lies In Ashes 
6.A Winter In Remorse 
7.Collaborating Like Killers 
8.My Heart In Atrophy 
9.Dead In My Eyes 
10.Dead In My Arms 
The Diseased and the Poisoned (2008)
Carnifex - The Diseased and the Poisoned1.Suffering 
2.In Coalesce with Filth and Faith 
3.Adornment of the Sickened 
4.The Nature of Depravity 
5.Innocence Died Screaming 
6.The Diseased and the Poisoned 
7.To My Dead and Dark Dreams 
8.Sadistic Embrace 
9.Answers in Mourning 
10.Aortic Dissection 
11.Among Grim Shadows 
12.Enthroned in Isolation 
Hell Chose Me (2010)
Carnifex - Hell Chose Me1.Hell Chose Me 
2.Dead Archetype 
3.Entombed Monarch 
4.Names Mean Nothing 
7.The Scope of Obsession 
8.By Darkness Enslaved 
9.The Liar`s Funeral 
10.Genocide Initiative 
Until I Feel Nothing (2011)
Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing1.Deathwish 
2.We Spoke of Lies 
3.A Grave to Blame 
4.Dead but Dreaming 
5.Creation Defaced 
7.Until I Feel Nothing 
8.Never Forgive Me 
9.Wretched Entropy 
10.Curse My Name 

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