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Nickelback énekes : Chad Kroeger
basszusgitáros : Mike Kroeger
exdobos : Ryan Vikedal
dobos, vokál : Daniel Adair
gitáros, vokál : Ryan Pieke

Albumok :

Curb (1996)
Nickelback - Curb1.Little Friend 
5.Falls Back On 
6.Sea Groove 
7.Fly [watch video]
8.Just Four 
10.Window Shopper 
11.I don't have 
The State (2000)
Nickelback - The State1.Breathe 
2.Cowboy Hat 
3.Leader of Men [watch video]
4.Old Enough [watch video]
5.Worthy to say [watch video]
6.Diggin This 
8.One Last Run 
9.Not Leavin' Yet 
10.Hold Out Your Hand 
Silver Side Up (2001)
Nickelback - Silver Side Up1.Never again [watch video]
2.How you remind me [watch video]
3.Woke Up this morning 
4.Too bad 
5.Just for 
7.Money bought 
8.Where do I hide 
10.Good times gone 
The Long Road (2002)
Nickelback - The Long Road1.Flat on the floor 
2.Do this anymore 
3.Someday [watch video]
4.Belive it or not 
5.Feelin way to damn good [watch video]
6.See you at the show 
7.Figured you out [watch video]
8.Another hole in the head 
All The Right Reasons (2005)
Nickelback - All The Right Reasons1.Follow you home [tab]
2.Fight for all the Wrong reasons [tab]
3.Photograph [watch video]
4.Animals [tab]
5.Savin [tab][watch video]
6.Far away [watch video]
7.Next contestant 
8.Side of a bullet 
9.if everyone cared [watch video]
10.Someone that you're with 
11.Rockstar [watch video]
Filmzenék, egyéb (2007)
Nickelback - Filmzenék, egyéb1.Hero [watch video]
2.Learn the hard way 
3.Slow Motion 
4.Why don't you and I 
5.Into the night [watch video]
Dark Horse (2008)
Nickelback - Dark Horse1.Something In Your Mouth 
2.Burn It To The Ground 
3.Gotta Be Somebody [watch video]
4.I`d Come for You 
5.Next Go Round 
6.Just To Get High 
7.Never Gonna Be Alone 
8.Shakin` Hands 
10.If Today Was Your Last Day 
11.This Afternoon 
Here and Now (2011)
Nickelback - Here and Now1.This Means War 
2.Bottoms Up 
3.When We Stand Together 
4.Midnight Queen 
5.Gotta Get Me Some 
7.Kiss It Goodbye 
8.Trying Not to Love You 
9.Holding on to Heaven 
10.Everything I Wanna Do 
11.Don`t Ever Let It End 

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