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Terror Vocals : Scott Vogel
Guitar : Martin Stewart
Guitar : Jordan Posner
Bass : David Wood
Drums : Nick Jett

Albumok :

One With The Underdogs (2004)
Terror - One With The Underdogs1.One With The Underdogs 
2.Keep Your Mouth Shut [watch video]
3.Less Than Zero 
4.Are We Alive? 
5.Overcome [watch video]
6.Spit My Rage 
7.No One Cares 
8.Not This Time 
9.Crushed By The Truth 
10.Out Of My Face 
11.All I’ve Got 
12.Find My Way 
13.Enemies In Sight 
Lowest Of The Low (2005)
Terror - Lowest Of The Low1.Better Off Without You 
2.Don`t Need Your Help 
3.Nothing To Me 
4.Keep Your Distance 
5.Another Face 
6.Push It Away 
7.Life And Death 
8.What Have We Done 
9.Lowest Of The Low 
10.Can I Say 
11.Out Of My Face 
12.Nothing To Lose 
Always The Hard Way (2006)
Terror - Always The Hard Way1.All For Revenge 
2.Strike You Down 
3.Survival Comes Crashing In 
4.Always The Hard Way 
6.Last Of The Diehards 
7.So Close To Defeat 
8.Test My Convictions 
9.Hell To Pay 
10.One Step Behind 
11.You Can`t Break Me 
12.Dibbs And Murs Check In 
13.Hardship Belongs To Me 
14.Smash Through You 
Rhythm Amongst The Chaos (2007)
Terror - Rhythm Amongst The Chaos1.Rhythm Amongst The Chaos 
3.Vengeance Calls On You 
4.Arms Of The Truth 
5.Kickback (Breakdown Cover) 
The Damned The Shamed (2008)
Terror - The Damned The Shamed1.Voice Of The Damned 
2.Relentless Through And Through 
3.Betrayer [watch video]
4.Rise Of The Poisoned Youth 
5.Never Alone 
6.What I Despise 
7.Let Me Sink 
8.Feel The Pain 
9.Lost Our Minds 
10.March To Redemption 
11.Crush What`s Weak 
12.Still Believe 
13.Suffer To Return Harder 

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2012.02.06. 15:17:49
very good

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