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Metallica ének, gitár : James Hetfield
dob : Lars Ulrich
gitár : Kirk Hammet
basszusgitár : Robert Trujillo

Albumok :

Power Metal (DEMO) (1982)
Metallica - Power Metal (DEMO)1.Hit the Lights 
2.Jump In the Fire 
3.The Mechanix 
Metal Up Your Ass (DEMO) (1982)
Metallica - Metal Up Your Ass (DEMO)1.Hit the Lights 
2.The Mechanix 
3.Phantom Lord 
4.Jump in the Fire 
6.No Remorse 
7.Seek and Destroy 
9.Am I Evil? (Diamond Head Cover) 
10.Metal Militia 
KILL 'EM ALL (1983)
Metallica - KILL 1.Hit The Lights [tab][watch video]
2.The Four Horsemen [tab][watch video]
3.Motorbreath [tab][watch video]
4.Jump In The Fire [tab][watch video]
5.Pulling Teeth 
6.Whiplash [tab][watch video]
7.Phantom Lord [tab]
8.No Remorse [tab][watch video]
9.Seek & Destroy [tab][watch video]
10.Metal Militia [tab][watch video]
Horsemen of the Apocalypse (DEMO) (1983)
Metallica - Horsemen of the Apocalypse (DEMO)1.Fight Fire With Fire 
2.Ride the Lightning 
3.The Prince (Diamond Head Cover Live 
Whiplash (EP) (1983)
Metallica - Whiplash (EP)1.Jump in the Fire 
2.Whiplash (Neckbrace Remix) 
3.Seek and Destroy (Live) 
4.Phantom Lord (Live) 
Metallica - RIDE THE LIGHTNING1.Fight Fire With Fire [tab][watch video]
2.Ride The Lighting [tab][watch video]
3.For Whom The Bell Tolls [tab][watch video]
4.Fade To Black [tab][watch video]
5.Trapped Undr Ice [tab][watch video]
6.Escape [tab][watch video]
7.Creeping Death [tab][watch video]
8.The Call Of Ktulu [tab][watch video]
Jump in the Fire (single) (1984)
Metallica - Jump in the Fire (single)1.Jump in the Fire (Album version) 
2.Seek and Destroy (Live) 
3.Phantom Lord (Live) 
Creeping Death (single) (1984)
Metallica - Creeping Death (single)1.Creeping Death 
2.Am I Evil? (Diamond Head Cover) 
3.Blitzkrieg (Blitzkrieg Cover) 
Metallica - MASTER OF PUPPETS1.Battery [tab]
2.Master Of Puppets [tab]
3.The Thing That Should not be [tab]
4.Welcome Home [tab]
5.Disposable Heroes [tab]
6.Leper Messiah [tab]
7.Orion [tab]
8.Damege Inc. [tab]
Garage Days Revisited (EP) (1987)
Metallica - Garage Days Revisited (EP)1.Helpless (Diamond Head cover) [tab]
2.The Small Hours (Holocaust cover) [tab]
3.The Wait (Killing Joke cover) [tab]
4.Crash Course in Brain Surgery (Budgie cover) [tab]
5.Last Caress/Green Hell (Misfits cover) [tab]
Metallica - ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL1.Blackened 
2....And Justice For All 
3.Eye Of The Beholder 
5.The Shortest Straw 
6.Harvester Of Sorrow 
7.The Frayed Ends Of Sanity 
8.To Live Is To Die 
9.Dyers Eve 
Mandatory Metallica 01 (EP) (1988)
Metallica - Mandatory Metallica 01 (EP)1.Master Of Puppets 
2.For Whom The Bell Tolls 
3.Seek & Destroy 
4.Fade To Black 
5.Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
6.The Thing That Should Not Be 
7.Creeping Death 
One (single) (1988)
Metallica - One (single)1.One 
2.The Prince (Diamond Head cover) 
Eye of the Beholder (single) (1988)
Metallica - Eye of the Beholder (single)1.Eye of the Beholder 
2.Breadfan (Budgie Cover) 
Harvester of Sorrow (single) (1988)
Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow (single)1.Harvester of Sorrow 
2.Breadfan (Budgie Cover) 
3.The Prince (Diamond Head Cover) 
Metallica - METALLICA1.Enter Sandman [tab]
2.Sad But True 
3.Holier Then Thou 
4.The Unforgiven 
5.Wherever I May Roam 
6.Don't Tread On Me 
7.Through The Never 
8.Nothing Else Matters 
9.Of Wolf And Man 
10.The God That Failed 
11.My Friend Of Misery 
12.The Struggle Within 
Enter Sandman (single) (1991)
Metallica - Enter Sandman (single)1.Enter Sandman 
2.Stone Cold Crazy (Queen cover) 
3.Enter Sandman (demo) 
The Unforgiven (single) (1991)
Metallica - The Unforgiven (single)1.The Unforgiven 
2.Killing Time (Sweet Savage Cover) 
3.The Unforgiven (demo) 
Nothing Else Matters (single) (1992)
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (single)1.Nothing Else Matters 
2.Enter Sandman (live) 
3.Harvester of Sorrow (live) 
4.Nothing Else Matters (demo) 
Wherever I May Roam (single) (1992)
Metallica - Wherever I May Roam (single)1.Wherever I May Roam 
2.Fade to Black (Live) 
3.Wherever I May Roam (Demo) 
Sad But True (single) (1992)
Metallica - Sad But True (single)1.Sad But True 
2.So What 
3.Harvester Of Sorrow (Live) 
Live Shit : Binge & Purge (LIVE) (1993)
Metallica - Live Shit : Binge & Purge (LIVE)1.Enter Sandman 
2.Creeping Death 
3.Harvester Of Sorrow 
4.Welcome Home 
5.Sad But True 
6.Of Wolf And Man 
7.The Unforgiven 
8.Justice Medley 
9.Solos (Bass/Guitar) 
10.Through the Never 
11.For whom the Bell Tolls 
12.Fade to Black 
13.Master of Puppets 
14.Seek and Destroy 
16.Nothing Else Matter 
17.Wherever I May Roam 
18.Am I Evil 
19.Last Caress 
22.The Four Horsemen 
24.Stone Cold Crazy 
One (live) (single) (1994)
Metallica - One (live) (single)1.One 
2.One (Demo Version) 
3.One (Live) 
LOAD (1996)
Metallica - LOAD1.Ain't My Bitch 
3.The House Jack Built 
4.Until It Sleeps 
5.King Nothing 
6.Hero Of The Day 
7.Bleeding Me 
9.Poor Twisted Me 
10.Wasting My Hate 
11.Mama Said 
12.Thorn Within 
14.The Outlaw Torn 
Until it Sleeps (single) (1996)
Metallica - Until it Sleeps (single)1.Until It Sleeps 
2.2 X 4 (Live) 
Until it Sleeps: Part II (single) (1996)
Metallica - Until it Sleeps: Part II (single)1.Until It Sleeps 
2.Overkill (Motörhead Cover) 
Hero of the day (single) (1996)
Metallica - Hero of the day (single)1.Hero of the day 
2.Kill/ride medley (live) 
King Nothing (single) (1996)
Metallica - King Nothing (single)1.King Nothing 
2.Ain`t My Bitch (live) 
Mama Said (single) (1996)
Metallica - Mama Said (single)1.Mama Said 
2.King Nothing (live) 
3.Whiplash (live) 
4.Mama Said (edit) 
Mandatory Metallica 02 (EP) (1996)
Metallica - Mandatory Metallica 02 (EP)1.Enter Sandman 
2.Nothing Else Matters 
4.Harvester of Sorrow 
5.Creeping Death 
6.Fade to Black 
7.For Whom the Bell Tolls 
RELOAD (1997)
Metallica - RELOAD1.Fuel 
2.The Memory Remains 
3.Devil's Dance 
4.The Unforgiven II 
5.Better Then You 
7.Carpe Diem Baby 
8.Bad Seed 
9.Where The Wild Things Are 
10.Prince Charming 
11.Low Man's Lyric 
Bleeding Me (single) (1997)
Metallica - Bleeding Me (single)1.Bleeding Me (Edited Version) 
2.Bleeding Me (Full Version) 
The Memory Remains (single) (1997)
Metallica - The Memory Remains (single)1.The Memory Remains 
2.For Whom The Bell Tolls (Haven`t heard it yet mix) 
The Unforgiven II (single) (1997)
Metallica - The Unforgiven II (single)1.The Unforgiven II 
2.Helpless (live - Diamon Head cover) 
3.The Four Horsemen (live) 
4.Of Wolf And Man (live) 
Garage Inc. (BEST OF) (1998)
Metallica - Garage Inc. (BEST OF)1.Free Speech For The Dumb 
2.It's Electric 
3.Sabbra Cadabra 
4.Turn The Page 
5.Die, Die My Darling 
7.Merciful Fate 
9.Whisky In The Jar 
10.Tuesday's Gone 
11.The More I See 
13.The Small Hours 
14.The Wait 
15.Crash Course In Brain Surgery 
16.Last Caress/Green Hell 
17.Am I Evil? 
20.The Prince 
21.Stone Cold Crasy 
22.So What 
23.Killing Time 
25.Damage Case 
26.Stone Dead Forever 
27.Too Late Too Late 
Fuel (single) (1998)
Metallica - Fuel (single)1.Fuel 
2.Sad But True (live) 
3.Nothing Else Matters (live) 
Better Than You (single) (1998)
Metallica - Better Than You (single)1.Better Than You 
S&M (1999)
Metallica - S&M1.The Ecstasy Of Gold (Ennio Morricone Cover) 
2.The Call Of The Ktulu 
3.Master Of Puppets 
4.Of Wolf And Man 
5.The Thing That Should not be 
7.The Memory Remains 
8.No Leaf Clover 
9.Hero Of The Day 
10.Devil's Dance 
11.Bleeding Me 
12.Nothin Else Matters 
13.Until It Sleeps 
14.For Whom The Bell Tolls 
15.- Human 
16.Wherever I May Roam 
17.The Outlaw Torn 
18.Sad But True 
20.Enter Sandman 
No Leaf Clover (single) (1999)
Metallica - No Leaf Clover (single)1.No Leaf Clover 
2.No Leaf Clover (video - "Slice & Dice" version 
I Disappear (single) (2000)
Metallica - I Disappear (single)1.I Disappear 
2.I Disappear (instrumental) 
ST.ANGER (2003)
Metallica - ST.ANGER1.Frantic 
2.St. Anger 
3.Some Kind of Monster 
4.Dirty Window 
5.Invisible Kid 
6.My World 
7.Shoot Me Again 
8.Sweet Amber 
9.The Unnamed Feeling 
11.All Within My Hand 
Mandatory Metallica 03 (BEST OF) (2003)
Metallica - Mandatory Metallica 03 (BEST OF)1.Battery 
2.Damage Inc. 
3.The Thing That Should Not Be 
4.Harvester Of Sorrow 
5.Leper Messiah 
6.Jump In The Fire 
7.Hit The Lights 
8.Creeping Death 
9.Seek & Destroy 
10.Ride The Lightning 
11.The Four Horsemen 
St. Anger (single) (2003)
Metallica - St. Anger (single)1.St. Anger (edit version) (CD 1) 
2.Commando (CD 1) 
3.Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (CD 1) 
4.St. Anger (Video) (CD 2) 
5.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (CD 2) 
6.Cretin Hop (CD 2) 
Frantic (single) (2003)
Metallica - Frantic (single)1.Frantic 
The Unnamed Feeling (single) (2004)
Metallica - The Unnamed Feeling (single)1.The Unnamed Feeling 
2.Frantic (U.N.K.L.E Remix) 
Some Kind of Monster (EP) (2004)
Metallica - Some Kind of Monster (EP)1.Some Kind of Monster 
2.The Four Horsemen (Live) 
3.Damage Inc. (Live) 
4.Leper Messiah (Live) 
5.Motorbreath (Live) 
6.Ride The Lightning (Live) 
7.Hit The Lights (Live) 
Metallica - DEATH MAGNETIC1.That Was Just Your Life 
2.The End of the Line 
3.Broken, Beat & Scarred 
4.The Day That Never Comes 
5.All Nightmare Long 
7.The Unforgiven III 
8.The Judas Kiss 
9.Suicide & Redemption 
10.My Apocalypse 
The Day That Never Comes (single) (2008)
Metallica - The Day That Never Comes (single)1.The Day That Never Comes 
My Apocalypse (single) (2008)
Metallica - My Apocalypse (single)1.My Apocalypse 
Cyanide (single) (2008)
Metallica - Cyanide (single)1.Cyanide 
The Judas Kiss (single) (2008)
Metallica - The Judas Kiss (single)1.The Judas Kiss 
All Nightmare Long (single) (2008)
Metallica - All Nightmare Long (single)1.All Nightmare Long 
2.Wherever I May Roam (Live) 
3.Master of Puppets (Live) 
Broken, Beat & Scarred (single) (2009)
Metallica - Broken, Beat & Scarred (single)1.Broken, Beat & Scarred 
2.Broken, Beat & Scarred (live) 
3.End Of The Line (live 
Français Pour Une Nuit (LIVE DVD) (2009)
Metallica - Français Pour Une Nuit (LIVE DVD)1.Blackened 
2.Creeping Death 
4.Harvester Of Sorrow 
5.Fade To Black 
6.Broken, Beat & Scarred 
8.Sad But True 
10.All Nightmare Long 
11.The Day That Never Comes 
12.Master Of Puppets 
13.Dyers Eve 
14.Nothing Else Matters 
15.Enter Sandman 
16.Stone Cold Crazy 
18.Seek And Destroy 
Orgullo, Pasión Y Gloria - Tres Noches En La Ciudad De México (LIVE DVD) (2009)
Metallica - Orgullo, Pasión Y Gloria - Tres Noches En La Ciudad De México (LIVE DVD)1.Creeping Death 
2.For Whom The Bells Tolls 
3.Ride The Lightning 
5.The Memory Remains 
6.Sad But True 
7.The Unforgiven 
8.The Day That Never Comes 
9.Master of Puppets 
10.Nothing Else Matters 
11.Seek and Destroy 
12.Enter Sandman 
Six Feet Down Under (EP) (2010)
Metallica - Six Feet Down Under (EP)1.Eye of the Beholder -live at Festival Hall in Melbourne (1989) 
2....And Justice For All Live at Festival Hall in Melbourne (1989) 
3.Through the Never live at the Entertainment Centre in Perth (1993) 
4.The Unforgiven live at the National Tennis Centre in Melbourne (1993) 
5.Low Man`s Lyric (Acoustic) live at the Entertainment Centre in Perth (1998) 
6.Devil`s Dance live at the Entertainment Centre in Perth (1998) 
7.Frantic live at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney (2004) 
8.Fight Fire With Fire live at the Entertainment Centre in Brisbane (2004) 
Live at Grimey's (EP) (2010)
Metallica - Live at Grimey1.No Remorse 
3.Harvester of Sorrow 
4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
5.For Whom the Bell Tolls 
6.Master of Puppets 
7.Sad But True 
9.Seek & Destroy 
Six Feet Down Under Part II (EP) (2010)
Metallica - Six Feet Down Under Part II (EP)1.Blackened 
2.Ride The Lightning 
3.The Four Horsemen 
4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
5.Master of Puppets 
6....And Justice For All 
7.Fade to Black 
8.Damage, Inc 
Beyond Magnetic (EP) (2011)
Metallica - Beyond Magnetic (EP) 1.Hate Train 
2.Just a Bullet Away 
3.Hell and Black 
4.Rebel of Babylon 

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