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Abnormality - Visions dalszöveg

Such sordid words have
fallen into deaf ears. A mind
ignored in swollen form and
without fear. Today I show my face
and whispers turn to screams,
visions of what might have been
and what will never be. Conforming
to rejection, and its coexisting
pain until abnormal is routine,
and it’s routine to tolerate. The
scars are imbedded, lost in
translation, spoken too softly, or
maybe you didn’t hear me. Carved
in reflection, the beast in the
beauty, loathing and glistening,
or maybe you weren’t listening. So
where will you run when the sky
starts falling? When your home is
nowhere to be found? Will you
remain unscarred beyond relentless
crawling when your world comes
tumbling down? Today I showed my
face and whispers turned to
screams, Visions of what might
have been and what will never be.
Cause and effect, and ignorance is
bliss. Words can be weapons if
that is what you wish. Pause and
reflect with the blade at your
wrist. The silence is deafening
and screams all of this…
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