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Aetherius Obscuritas - In Lovelorn (Lair Lady) dalszöveg

In lovelorn (Liar Lady)

I feel hate in my soul.
I feel hate, but that’s befall.

But it’s else not just hate.
It’s the feeling what she made.
In me.

She’s a bitch, she’s a fool.
She’s just a fucking dirty tool.
A woman of pure decay.
But it’s her ultimate choosed way.


She will burn on fire,
She will burn in flames.
She’s a snuffy flower
With no petal on it’s place.

I see her in she’s own smudge.
I want to send her tremendous far.

’Cuz I know she’s very near.
And when she’s there I will kill.

She’s a whore, she’s sick.
The best home for her is a lunatic asylum.
A woman of pure havoc.
I want to see her in a burning stock.

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