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Aetherius Obscuritas - Journey to Immortality dalszöveg

Through all pain, far to any bolt-hole,
There's only one way for my forsaken soul.
I heard about it from lot of beautious stories,
I saw it in my mind's eye, that I can still imagine.

Children in the valley of the steep mountain!
Encourage me by showing your face!
Look into my eyes and tell what you see,
The desire for knowledge of an aging man.

A small hole on the dark moundain,
Ensphered by mist,
Cevered by viewless beings
Whom I can hear singing.

Eternity is waiting for me inside.
A ray of hope to live another life.
Mountain of the mist, let me into the cover,
Admit me in the circle!

Summon the darkness, Oh, spirit of another world!
Cry out the black spell!

I've feared to walk through, but already I feel
Thah I'm growing quiet and going to be ready
For the long journey
To Immortality.
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