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Aetherius Obscuritas - Passed Out of Sight - Passed Out of Mind dalszöveg

Smiles damp in tears
just like a dissolving structure of clay.

Passed out of sight,passed out of mind
For ever.
Lurky recess, a place to hide
For ever.

It's so easy to lurk from the world,
A small point of the neverending line.
Buffet with the waves since birth,
In the eye of the wind, through the light.

Last wing-beats in the unquiet sky,
Silent entombment among the clouds.
In the face of Fate, kiss the life good-bye,
A heavy mass before its somersault.

Fallen into oblivion, I'm dead to the world.
I've passed out of sight.
I laugh inwardly, though I'm gonna die.
I've passed out of mind.

The boot is on the wrong leg,
Once I was the state.
Be my guide, night-bird,
I'm flying away!

I walk now a strange path,
An untrodden one.
My lug becomes so crass,
All my power has gone.

I'm too old for another fly...

If only I felt strong
once again, once more!
But the wind sits that I'm old,
My bark's on the floor.

Somewhere, far beyound the clouds,
My spirit prepares to fall.
With clenched fist I look at the crowd,
They are me, they are my all
- my memories.
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