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Alestorm - Back Through Time dalszöveg

Twas off some Carribbean shore while on an epic quest
We came across a strange device
A mystic portal into another time
Where vikings ruled the land and sea
Such mighty treasure they did hold
We killed them all to steal their gold!

You put your faith in Odin and Thor
We put ours in cannons and whores
Your viking gods won't save you now
When pirates strike from the starboard bow

Back through time
To fight the viking foe
Back through time
Where our voyage must now go
Six hundred years into the past
Our destiny is here at last
For infamy and plunder we will ride

Their ships were powerless against our cannonfire
We took no prisoners that day. Yarrr.
The vikings prayed for mercy as we cut their throats
But their worthless gods did not hear their cries
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