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Alestorm - The Huntmaster dalszöveg

The Huntmaster

In a time when mean knew the meaning of fear 
And the tyrants of hell ruled the land and the seas 
There lived one man who was true 
Guardian of secrets that only he knew 
Condemned for a crime that he did not commit 
Sentenced to die in the depths of the pit 
He swore he would take his revenge 
Every last traitor, their lives he would end 

With the power of ale, he could not fail 
Sail into battle, glory and metal 

Hail! - Huntmaster 
Ride! - Huntmaster 
Fight! - Huntmaster 
Die! - Huntmaster 

Up from the bowels of hell he sailed 
Wielding a tankard of freshly brewed ale 
Slaying all foes in his path 
Those who might hinder his god-given task 
To bring back beer to the lands of the free 
This is his quest, his true destiny 
Legends shall speak of his name 
Hail the Huntmaster with honour and fame 

Hail! - Huntmaster 
Ride! - Huntmaster 
Fight! - Huntmaster 
Die! - Huntmaster 

This is the hunter's badge of glory 
That he protects and defends his quarry 
Hunts with honour, as is due 
And through the beast to the Gods is true
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