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Almost Saint - Heart dalszöveg

All happiness just a blink of an eye
My name’s Pain
Times spent together became only minutes
And life an eternity. 
Life is a tragedy, we are the comedy

I was not free and I was winging on my own
Now I’m free and I fell to the ground
There I’m tossing alone

I was winging on my own because I had her in my heart, I had her in my soul
I have her in my heart, and I’m tossing alone

When you cry, you’re close to yourself  as your soul starts to stream
And when you have cried enough, tears will fade away
You’ll get closer to someone else, maybe to happiness, or maybe not

She’s died but she had no coffin as only I knew her entity
And now I’m digging her grave endlessly
She's died but i can't do that 'cause what if she is Juliet and she's imitating she's a dead
I would drink your saliva, eat your flesh, bathe in your sweat, cover myself with your body, breathe your breath, look into your eyes and go blind. We will always be blind

I know the world love, I know the feeling love, I know the good love, I know the pain love
I know the hope love, I know the doubt love, I know her love, but it's not enough
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