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Animosity - Animal dalszöveg

I am the animal, I am life.
I am my choices and I am yours too.
You might watch me suffer and you may see me survive.
Spit disease right in my face and I'll fall to illness maybe death.
Shit-faced you crush me in your truck and you might get to feel my last breath.
I try, I try and I try but I can't say as much for the rest.
I am just an animal in the jungle and I can only do my best.
Vigorous heart of the lion but it still could mean my head.
I belong to you, I belong to this world.
So I wouldn't be surprised if I went spinning off the face of this earth.
I want control, I want control, but I'm just an animal surrounded by beasts.
Beasts are everywhere and catastrophe is inevitable and no matter how rabid or tame an animal the hammer of calamity indiscriminately strikes and it could strike you down because sometimes us animals get smashed.
I am the animal.
Feel me breathe.
Hear me roar.
Suffocate me and I am going to choke.
As we are pushed into the jungle, deeper and deeper we see that this is where the animals live and this is where us animals die.
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