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Animosity - Instilling the Affliction dalszöveg

In a society where guilt and greed reign
Our world totes hatred
With only our brothers to blame
Thousand die, millions cry
Waiting in their homes to absorb the lies
too far gone from our moral blood
We have run away
Pointing fingers, condescending yes
Who is to differentiate the enemy
Look inside yourself
(for what is right)
Look behind the scheming lies
No longer will I watch the lives
Of my beloved companions be sucked down the drain
when the fate of a generation lies with morons
We are not playing games
where to turn when the whole world�s at war
We will be smart but we won�t be passive anymore
Our nation constantly instilling the fear
To prolong this war another ten years
But we won�t give in to your fight
We�ll fight for what is right
You look at what is
At what is going on
At what we have and you say, why?
but I look in my heart
In my dreams and say
Why not
Why can't we
Why can't we coexist
because we are all terrorists
We walk with closed fists
ready to fight
Ready for hate
You said love it, or leave it
But I believe in change.
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