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Animosity - Shut It Down dalszöveg

Self-soothing, self-improving but not long 'till we start shooting
Trained to be insane and punished for the same
Consider this a withdrawl of my own name
Where the fuck are we after two thousand years.
What have we become?
Just some cavemen with guns, almost like life is a game and we do it just for fun
Disable your brain and make your move to insane
Just do your fucking job and you won't be the one to blame
We are always the ones to blame.
I want to live free, no masters, no gods
Stay young until I die but somehow that's odd
A purposeful facade suppressing who we are... They ruined freedom so I am going to shut it down
Progress is less than gradual when we are still killing each other, seems like we will go a full circle end up back in trouble
I'm going to stand tall above the oppression above the hate
Stand firm on my own two feet, I know it's hard but I am going to carry my weight.
Fuck ignorance, I'd rather be the invisible man, and stay the fuck out of their master plan
Live my life, the way that I am supposed to, as a human, not as a fucking drone.
Every day, I look around and I see what we value and it boggles my mind
I can't participate any more
Shut it down!
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