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Animosity - Thieves dalszöveg

Stripped down, emptied, left with nothing
What the fuck did we work for?
To be taken. castrated.
I would give anything just to know your name
So I can have my part in your fall
I really just want to take back what's mine
But what goes will come around to you.
As I walk into an empty room
Struck by an instant heart beat
I feel the impending sense of doom
Weigh down upon me
I need a name along with a face
To displace the outrage
When nobody knows a goddamn thing
It's time to realize we're fucked
It's hard when there's no solution and we try to face the world with broken limbs
If and when you're found then you'll be the one
Then you will be the one to be left without a single fucking thing
I'm falling to the ground
And I'm feeling sick
But really we are the ones who have been taken for our everything
A berren sentiment of hopelessness attacks me
Caving in my brain amazed it happened to me
And the stress that follows is the part that really is tearing a hole inside of me.
I try to look ahead for some sort of resolve, but while they are still breathing then the problem can never be solved.
Defenseless, helpless can't stop thinking about taking my vengeances
Can't believe that we were the ones dealt this. Numb to the world, feeling senseless.
I guess I just accept the beating and try to forget this, and it's not my fault but I still regret it.
It's not about pity and aggression
Numb to the world and feeling senseless
When you break your fucking back for some asshole to walk off with your life
it is har to see the fucking point. I try to be productive but
I can't escape the animosity
Consumed with daydreams of cranial departure. I want to smash your fucking face
So this is to whoever you are, I hope that it was worth it
So this is to whoever you are, I'll sleep with one eye open for you
This is to whoever you are... Fuck YOU.
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