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August Burns Red - Composure dalszöveg

Shake it off.
Pick yourself up, they say.
Your life fell apart in your hands, and you�ve got the scars to prove it.
It�s not the first time, and they�re getting deeper.
Pull it together.
Button up your shirt.
Roll down those sleeves.
Don�t let them see how you�ve coped.
More and more your demeanor looks like quicksand.
It seems like your giving up on everything you worked for.
It�s pulling you under.
It�s gripping around your throat.
Life can be overwhelming, but don�t turn your back on the strongest crutch you�ve ever had.
They have always been there to brace your fall.
Wave goodbye to the past.
You�ve got your whole life to lead.
It�s time to gain some ground.
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