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August Burns Red - Truth of a Liar dalszöveg

Allow what�s done to preach new insight to your life.
Hindsight is perfect vision.
The past is easiest to see.
Clear a path.
Stand aside.
We�re carrying the torch now.
There�s no stopping us.
You think you�re everything to everyone.
Go ahead.
Partake in it.
Justify it.
Become engulfed in it.
It will eat you alive.
This is not a one way road.
You�re headed for the dead end.
You might think you�re everything to everyone.
Well pardon me if I intrude.
You�re not a perfect man in a perfect world.
Look at where your ignorance has brought you.
All this will be buried.
Like the fall of Rome, you will come crashing down.
The truth hurts, but denial�s what will kill you.
All that you loved, all that you treasure, will pass with time.
Blinded by the inability to see beyond flesh and blood.
Shifting blame with a log in your eye.
Insisting that a string tied to your limbs is what�s to blame.
Suck it up and bite the bullet.
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