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Avantasia - States Of Matter dalszöveg

Your mind to infinity
Let reason rivet on your feet or you may fall
You're drawn into a distant glow
You dream of voices from on high
But can't evade another rainy night
And putting on another show

Hate and affection
Pleasure and pain
Modes of vibration
Unveiling to be all the same

And when the final day has come
It's another state of matter
And when you face another sun
It's the union of the states of matter

Failure and defeat and all the riches surely beat
Where I have been and what I have been before
And when the sands of time run low
Commemoration of a lonely crow
That would have made it through the door

Light and affection
Darkness and pain
Mind of matter
The All's gonna make it all the same

And when the final day has come
Another state of matter
When you will face another sun
Union of the states of matter
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