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Blind Myself - Phantoms Of The Past dalszöveg

Cursed land this is - a wasted Promised Land
Poisoned by evil will and destroyed by the hand

Great times we saw here- long, long, time ago.
But all the great men died - long, long, time ago.

Heavy curtain fell eternal light was gone
A new star has risen - a bloodthirsty red icon

Great times we saw here - long, long, time ago.
But all the great men died - long, long, time ago.

"One day the light will - break through the bricks"
Last words of a tortured man silenced by shouts and kicks

Out! Out!

Now free at last
We did our best
Fighting against
Phantoms of past

They fought for us
Now against us
Is this our fate
To hide in caves?

Out! Out!

For nine long months
Tried to grow strong
Should break out now
Time to cry loud!

Tied by the cord
Cut it with sword
To get myself
And get you, too...


Metamorphosis of a larva, how beautiful it is

Can’t do it still, facing a new kind of lie
Get rid of the abdomen and fly as a butterfly

Born after the ride of the four horsemen of apocalypse
We were born into this wasted land.
We’re not running away from indignity!
We’re not turning back anymore!
We will not give up our rights!
This time was given to us,
Nobody take it away from us!

New life like fresh breath
Brings blood to the flesh

New dawn breaks today
This bright innocent day!

Enough of the blame
Does not bring us fame

We stand on our feet
And we will not retreat

Build a house, safe, new,
a new home for you!

And get history closed
Get it sealed, get it closed

I’m tired of chasing
The phantoms of past!
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