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Blood Feast - 3. Cannibal dalszöveg

3. Cannibal

Expedition of death our story begins
Aboard the barge deception
Down the river of sins the winging and the bends
There will be no tomorrow
Forced to take a path of land
The trail is over-grown
Your tour guides because they are scared
But some power is driving us on

You can't see - you fall into the sand
You struggle for life - but you are damned
It's futile to run - they're right on your heels
Your life's almost over - that is the deal

The cannibals are coming for you
They will hunt you down
Drooling all over themselves
Making all grunting sounds

We come to a clearing feel a gush of air
With a smell so disgusting
We all gasp and reel it smells like a meal
Finally see what we searched for
A village is this hell all people covered in mud
They look as they smell
As one looks upon that sacred pole of death
You shake in despair

Breathing not breath on you
There is no escape
All they want to do is chew
They'll have you on their plates

At last we realize we become distraught
The fear is too much to take
But too late to run, they surround us all
With their knives and stakes
Make a plan to escape, the cannibals move in
Wih hunger in their eyes
They get one person, time to dig in
And you will all die
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