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Blood Feast - 7. Turn To Dust dalszöveg

7. Turn To Dust

The army of demise has risen
Troops of hate to erase life
It has been a long time coming
Too blind to care - no questions why
Nothing sacred hidden safely
Unearthly strength, this infernal force

Manifest apocalypse
The process now will take it's course
The time has come - the ends begun
Seers of doom have been unleashed
The bells have toiled - the gods will fall
Our own misuse now leaves us this

Turn to dust - the testaments of new and old
Turn to dust - the healing dreams
We've bought and sold
Turn to dust - the loving hands we used to hold
Soon to dust

Masses of are blind are running
From the prophet they once did seek
Was it all just fantasy
Overshadowing the weak
Existence run the final course
All finally getting the fear
Now suspecting of this holocaust
Judgment day finally here

There's no escape - can't kill themselves
Ancient faith no longer good
The damned decide and no one else
Extermination understood

Turn to dust - the honest minds
We chose the rape
Turn to dust - men with power
Forever on the take
Turn to dust - the dream we had, it hurt to break
Kiss the dust

All was not meant to last forever
Man was a fool to even try
Having overslayed our welcome
The times draws near - now we must die
Until the end blind to the truth
Salvation bought at any cost
To the victor now must go the spoils
What does remain when all is lost?

The proof now real
Life was a game
But who has won
Ashes now only remain

Turn to dust - the holy land of war, not peace
Turn to dust - those who chose
To tempt the beast
Turn to dust - this hell from
Which we've been released
Turn to dust
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