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Blood Feast - 8. The Chemically Imbalanced dalszöveg

8. The Chemically Imbalanced

Lunacy embedded deeply
Watching all erratic behaviors
Their distractions overwhelming
Unseeing force, leads the enslaved
Uncontrollable fits, no apparent reasoning
Lingering madness from this ongoing nnightmare
An internal terror of the ancient disease
Their minds imprisoned no freedom perceived
Insanity is everywhere
Hiding amongst the darkened shadows
Enveloping their will with no resistance
Lying dormant only when kept in check
Tangling with the weak and stressed out cretins
Subdubing their malicious thoughts
The driving insurgence holds briefly
Only then, reluctant, sets will free

The chemically imbalanced - for all to see
Enchanted slaves - coming for you
Psychopath scream - relentless tune
How many will die - by these frantic outburst

Hide where you can
No one is to blame
Good riddance to it all
It's nature's mistake

Unavoidably beginning wildly
You try to move with caution
Avoiding with solace a sign of change
Disallow all knowledge of the factual impression
Attempts fall inches from their goal
Ruthless onslaught, enraged hatred
Mad engorgement of living souls
Entranced psychopath intently waiting
Enviously obeying orders
Asylums filled to capacity
Overflow channeled elsewhere
No one perceived the painful march
The death trek lasts for most a month
The chemically imbalanced - on display
Enchanted slaves - coming for you
Apparent disarray - surprising ultimatum
Population explosion - the entire world now cursed

Hide where you can
No one is to blame
Good riddance to it all
It's nature's mistake, mistake, mistake
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