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Bridge to Solace - Rethink. Redefine. Revolt. dalszöveg

Why are we casting these stones around? Who are those we aim? Are they the mystical �them�, or is it just a mirror of ourselves reflecting how apathetic we really are? Let�s throw stones at the barricades we stand on, let�s spit in the face of the old slogans we chant, and redefine what resistance or revolution can mean and achieve. Our actions should be more than a sonorous and desperate cry for help, with our minds staying clear and strong and with the ability and freedom of choice we should carve our way along creating new solutions for problems unsolved. And before we point our fingers at the mystical them, we all should kneel with our heads deep bowed, and blame ourselves for not taking a chance but to release some snakes who form ropes around our necks. In no way will I surrender and obey the patterns �they� force-fed, but neither will I accept and sing along to a song some wrote back then in order to hinder an alternative form of living, in order to cage the ones without rules within four walls of rules and turn our shelter a living unbearable hell. We have just one chance left in order to conquer �them�: we should conquer ourselves. Find new means to break every cage, find new means to break all our chains. Find new means to communicate.
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