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Cadaveres - Oracle of Time dalszöveg

Because of the influence of Kali Yuga cycle religions,
purity, patience, life-span, physical power, and
the memory will decrease day by day,
In Kali-yuga the only sign of good features,
proper behavior and good birth will be wealth.
Jurisdiction will only be based on power.
On the earth there will only be dishonest
population, the power will be owned by the
one from any social class who is declared
to be the strongest.
Because of these rude and greedy rulers, who
will behave like thieves, the citizens must flee
to the hills and forests without their wealth
and wives.
They will suffer from the cold, the wind, the
heat, the rain and the freeze. The debates, the
hunger , the thirst and all kinds of illnesses
will tease them.
The maximum life span will be 50 years among
The women will become bum, they fill fly from
one man to the next one.
The political leaders will kill the citizens, and
the priests and the intellectuals will only care
about their stomach and penis.
In the Kali-yuga people will hate each other
because of a few pence. The young will not
care about the elderly and their wives. They
will only care about satisfying their stomach
and erotic desires.
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