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Candlemass - 8. Emperor Of The Void dalszöveg

I am the king, of the great islands of grey 
Windswept and scarred, bent and confused 
My castle is my ruin, the mouldering grave 
where the memory fades along with the mourning cry of the mother 

Who counts the wounds, who sees the hunger, the flight of denial 
The fibres the nerves, the raptures and bursts, from arteric to cell 
Continuously repeating, the hymn of life and death 
And the wholy whore, desecrated in desperation 

I am the king. The ruler of the grey Islands 
I'm the emperor of the void 
I am grey. The weakened ruler of these islands. 
I'm the emperor of the void 

I stand before destruction, touching the stone of my realm 
So dignified...unmerciful, without empathy 
You saw my birth, an ornament in your grain 
You see my death, terrible and divine
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