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Candlemass - Where The Runes Still Speak dalszöveg

Rain and thunder, fire and wind 
Come with me, I leave with the tide 
I wrap my cloak closer 'round my shoulders 
To keep me warm from the raging storm 

The spirits are here to guide my journey 
Over the edge of the world 
A thousand wounds cry in my soul 
Love and pain, a bleeding heart 

Where the runes still speak 
I 'm coming home 
Where the runes still speak 

Alone I stand on this stony coast 
Winds of spring whisper through the trees 
The grey horizon gives me life again 
Tee, and stone, the voices of the gods 

No woman can show me where the fire burns 
No preacher can tell me who I am 
My blood is calling me from Asaland 
I'm on my way home in the end 

A homeward son will claim his heritage 
walk the soil of this earth 
The pen will be his mighty sword 
And the truth his defence 

I've travelled roads that lead to wonder 
I've seen cities rise and fall 
The burden, the cross of a pilgrim 
I bear no more, the son is coming home 

You closed the door, but I won't give 
Somewhere my new life will begin 
Countless treasures I shared with you 
The only one left is my solitude
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