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Castrum - Rapid Death dalszöveg

"Rapid Death"
In World of evil and dark
Hatred dominates
A frightening life
In endless obscurity
Pain, misery in every direction of the World
Wars with no reason, decline and death forever
Years of chaos
Tormenting dreams
Fatal mistakes
Decay - as contagion, reap on the faints
Invisible dangers - in everyday life
With contaminated mind of resolution
Innocent human lives are destroyed
Who is to blame and why?
Where is the justice and where is the law?
Mass mortality - accomplished by agony
Reign of terror - revived in blood
Pangs of your conscience
Threatening words and deeds
Your lifetime comes to the end
Soon you will be dead
Venal persons, greedy worms
Are incarnated in a gory mess
Degenerated, tyrant system
By pharisaical congregation
Conformation to the violation
Hesitation of your sickly thoughts
Life is hard, no compromise
My state of rest is your rapid death
Serpent of lie - spuns around your neck
No escape - from this mortal embrace
Decade of suffering - lacerated wounds
Exterminated nations - in World of eternal wars
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