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Cojones - I hate Love Songs dalszöveg

I had a dream last night, my babe
You'd got a knife, and stand right above me
I've think about the thing, called "our love"
And just looking at, how you bleed out me

Don't be affraid of all the past, 
It was not only yours
2 years enough to make me sick
Just look at, what I had become

I don't want to fall asleep
I fear of dreams about You!
I never thought about revenges,
I just hope, nothing lives forever!

Nothing is so easy, but something can be simple
It's forbidden to tell you, but I don't want more lies
I fear of my wishes, I hate everything You've maked me
No matter, how hard I try to remain sane!

I don't want more dreams, I don't need your charity
Just take your knife, and carve it more times, deeper in me!

Don't missunderstand me
I don't wanna make history
That's all I have inside
This is my 21st century!

I feel, I hate this melody
Feel, I hate this rhyme
It's because of minds, because of thoughts
Because of You, I hate my Love Songs!
It's my own tragedy
It's my own fight
Because of hearts, because of souls
Because of You, I hate my Love Songs!

I hate Love Songs!

I don't wanna hear your lies
I don't wanna disappoint again
Will I ever be strong enough 
To let You go as far as the Hell?

I'm the very worst thing, 
That could ever happen with You
Will You ever beilive in me?
Will You ever be strong enough to die?
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