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Cojones - Let You fall... dalszöveg

Wellcome home, I already missed you!
Listen, there's something, what I want to tell you!
I know your secrets, I know your wishes,
But I don't know, why do you live like this?

Wait for a chance to break the lines,
Disapear in feelings that haunting your mind...
Can not scream, can not fear
There's no more silence against your brain!

Wellcome home, open your eyes!
Leave behind scares and forget the fuckin' lies!
We are your ghosts, who don't let you fall,
Wait for the promise you search, who your are...

I see your faults, and what you've ever done...
It's front of you all, it's too late to run!
Scratch your skin, bleed out your fails!
Emotions (are) allways on your face...

Look in the mirror, see, why you are blind!
Take a long rest 'cause you're down on the ground!
I remember when you loved your own way,
But I'm so sorry 'cause you're not the same!

Your visions will come to be real!
There's no more pain to feel again
Dead souls runin' on the battlefield...

No more fear of loneliness,  
Because you'll become a real faithless!
No more hear fuckin' silence,
Because you'll enjoy the deep darkness!
I hear your voice, I see your face,
Everytime I lookin' for embrace,
But I'm still trust, You will end your war!
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