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Cojones - Painful Dreams dalszöveg

Every day, what's begins with a cold morning
You look through the window, and watch the people livin'
You don't really know why, but you wanna feel...
Feel the reasons, or know something, why you had lost?!

Don't beilive the voice, what say you're faint!
You must be harder, stronger, handsome and clever!
You don't know how, and You can trust no one,
And you can't feel anything, except emptiness!

Elapsed years
Painful dreams
Everything is fall into the dust...
You give up
Every night,
You fear your own revolution...

Wait all night long, and disclaim...
Disclaim the things, you can't belive...
You couldn't found peace under the Heaven, or over the Hell, again!

Every day, feel the sunrise on your own face
Walkin' down the streets, and don't know what to think about...
Don't know what to feel, 'cause you've forgotten who you are?
And forgot all the reasons of why you're lost?!
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