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Cojones - Road across the East dalszöveg

Your life is just an evanescent time
Now, You must play another game
Let your angels fly away, 
Smell the cold air, feel everything's changed!

Now, your job is only getting faster,
Turn off the sentiments, hold your breath!
Gravestones will stand sentinel
Along the road accross the East

Everytime, the dawn finds You awake,
Reflect on who needs die, or live?
Miles just rollin', life has dropped behind...
You don't miss anything of old stories

That's all You have, the endless time
To escape from your fuckin' past!
I'll give You the sound of a new hope
To make some noise inside your head!

Burn the signs into your skin!
This way doesn't lead You anywhere!
This is (the) Road accross the East...
There's no way out!

Cities, counties, lonely farms...
Forgotten heroes, near the world's end
No one follows You to the otherside!
No one stays alive when the last war's over!

Hostels, hookers, sleepless nights...
Who can guess, where are You goin to?
I just hope, it won't be much deeper than
Any other Hells on the Earth

No one see You at midnight!
No one hear your loudest shout!
It's not the end of everything,
But I let You beilive in this!
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