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Cojones - The I Inside dalszöveg

First of all...
Try to look through my eyes!
Beyond this skin, I've got lost again
How long to see the blackened sky?
How long to wait for the dawn?

Somebody wrote my name to the wall
These letters fucked up my destiny
My face seems sick in Your mirror
It's just a mask
So why can't you see deeper inside?

How long to hold on?
I need to be reborned, just like a hundred times before
Why can't I find a straighter line?
Only deaf ears, blind eyes, and souls becoming numb...

Anyway, I don't think, You can really understand me
The Evil in my head keepin' out reality
Maybe I'm dead, but nobody knows that
The shadows of my past allways following me
I heard a thousand screams, without laughs
I saw a thousand tears, without smiles
I just wanna realize
I just wanna find the I inside...

The I Inside!
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