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Corvus - 07. Spirits of the Ancient Ruins dalszöveg

Corvus - Spirits of the Ancient Ruins

They were killed in the 16th century,
killed by goddamn painful injuries.
They were sinners, but not criminals,
They weren’t listened by the „Angels”.

Their corpses rotten under the docks,
The town they lived in had been attacked.
Couldn’t keep the goddamn fortress,
It had been forgotten, time’s elapsed.

The spirits of rotten corpses, woke from their sleep,
They saw the whole thing around them, it was a timeslip.
They couldn’t pass to the other side, they had some sins,
Because they had sinful death, that why they couldn’t leave.

One scream here,
One shout there,
They’re appearing everywhere,
Everywhere you take a look.

Hear from left,
Hear from right,
Turn around and see the sight,
See the spirits all around.

The Spirits of the Ancient Ruins still watching you,
Who listen to this story, you feel them around you.
They saw the whole thing, what’s happened there,
They gonna tell this what just happens buddy, here.
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