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Dawn of Relic - Chapter III - The Story of Rose Haven:Dormant From Kiasmagoria dalszöveg


Second day 
Convulsions and pain 
Timid Priest prays hollow words in vain 
Rose hes bound to te bed 
Priest " Time is running out ! " 

Mother Eve stares and cries 
She can feel her pain inside 
somethings staring 
Eves of Rose 
Mirror the face of old 

"Oh, mother set me free 
These waves of dark 
are all I feel 
oh, father let me be 
I wanna die" 

Priest moves to her 
Looks the veiled eyes 
truth he sees, God is dead 
Reason escaped from his mind 

He runs through the window 
over the balcony to his death 
Bonecrushing sound, the holy man is gone 

"Oh, mother set me free 
These waves of dark 
are all I feel 
Dear mother set me free 
I wanna die, Just wanna die"
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