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Deicide - Enchanted Nightmare dalszöveg

When you're asleep where you hide from the truth
Deep in your dreams of the mental abuse
Standing in fire of blasphemies name
Imagining me killing you
Stabbing insane dealing out pain
Do unto you as you done me the same
I won't forget and will haunt you to death
And until the end of time

Deciphering dreams, me and my stare
Over the edge into cries of despair
Eyes are upon you, and wait your expose
Then only then will my evil let go
Yours for the asking has brought you ill will
Enchanted nightmare I dream of you killed

Curse you with evil and bad luck and death
Master of black arts inside of your head
Enchanted nightmare, the splendour of watching you die

When you're asleep which I don't think you can
I am the conscious that's driving you mad
Ever forever relentless and vain
Suicide never subsides
Wanting your head is all that I dream
For all the years that you ruined me
In every breath I will wish you pain
The guilt is what's making you lie

Lost in the scheme, storybook dream
Still empty-handed your story has changed
Slowly I kill you, and without a sound
Evil upon you forever and on
You are a victim of your own free will
Enchanted nightmare the blood has been spilled

Enchanted nightmare my offer is death
Once in your mind, I will cause you unrest
Curse you with evil and bad luck until I am dead
I curse you...
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