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Deicide - I Am No One dalszöveg

I'm your forsaken, the fallen from graceHorror of evil, created mistakeRuthless and wicked, I feast with the damnedI am the cyst on your lord's holy lambFuck your religion with blood on its handsForgive the savior, forget about manProfits for heaven build kingdoms of greedWhoring redempter, embezzle the weakI am no one, without me he's unknownDarkness gives power to light up his throneDescend on earth in angelic displayThe time has come to undo his restrainsI'm the temptation that swallowed his evegod's inhibition leave nothing to seeHatred and anger conceived from the dustI am the shame and the filth of their lustForfeit the savior for cleansing of sinsRelive the site of his crucifixionTragedy follows the wealth of your faithHoly disorder has fell into placeBanished from heaven, unsatisfied soulOut of the way of Jehovah's controlLet upon earth to envoke its decayThe time has come for your god to take blame
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