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Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix dalszöveg

Impale the body, scars of his flesh
Hung up to die on the crucifixion
Bleeding to breathe, cursing at god�WHY!!!

The glory resurrection, live in wounds of recollection
Who take his will unreasoned, naivetďż˝ inside soul defeated?
Lascivious redemption, justify thy vile absence, Propagate his aggression
As you use his words as weapons.

Lies now have you lost, the worthless cause of the crucifixion
The sanctity, to hang and bleed, and in the form of a human cross
Blind by prophecy, his bible fiend, a bloody sword of his fantasy
Tried for heresy, and sacrilege, to bare the scars of the crucifix

You walk alone with Jesus, in a world of non-believers
Humiliated savior, Is thy son of heavens failure
For ever left undone, on the cross for everyone
His words of god unheard, he is dead and not concerned

God fatality, the life recedes on the cross of his sign
Finality, in search of peace, to beg and plead for the end that will be
The light descends, when suffering, impaled again for you blasphemous lies
Resented death, his sins confessed, accept the scars of the crucifix.
Sad in your sorrow, withered within
stand in the shadow of all of our sins, you are the son, choke on his blood�DIE!!!!!!
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