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Deicide - This Is Hell We\'re In dalszöveg

Racing with death, life in a messTime growing shorter with every regretEfforts subceeding, I'm losing restrainInsincere promise I've broken againNothing can touch me for once I am deadExclude the body, the spirit is leftI have no problem in coping with lifeIt is this world that condemns me to dieTHIS IS HELL WE'RE INEnduring in painIN THIS HELL WE'RE INI will not remainTHIS IS HELL WE'RE INForbidden to wantFROM THIS HELL WE'RE INI wish to move onWrapped in self doubt enmeshed in the brainDarkest depression succumbing againWaiting the hour, the string snaps insideLength of a second to take my own lifeSo it is promised I do not believeAnything better than what I have seenOut of this body, I wait for this dayIn this hell were in, entangled in painBalance upset into leaning on deathSimplified option to life's little testConstantly guarding against its attackWhy were we put here to feel its effectViolent pressure has tired my triesIt is my wish that it's soon that I dieHanging by threads to the realms of the saneIt is this world that has made me this way
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