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Despised icon - In the Arms of Perdition dalszöveg

Plunged in bitterness,
Seduced by an ocean of disconcertment
Carrying an everlasting smile with insouciance
Cultivating this disconnection with every single interaction

You won�t lure me any further
I�ve been drinking too much shadow and now maybe I shall blossom
This misconception of human loneliness must be disregarded

I will stare at life like I never did before
This game is useless and everything so deceptive
My ambitions may look low but so is the price, I cannot win
What�s the meaning of this precious souvenir?
Suppress these feelings

Forget the man you were
Even if we both know that you�d rather be unloved and�
Forget the man you were
�nameless than be fictively surrounded

Carrying an everlasting smile with insouciance
I honestly know that demons will not hear me scream and angels won�t see me cry
Isolation is in fact the only thing I require
No false promises await in my nightmares
Nothing, except my own predestined downfall
Look at this smile and think I�m cheerful like you always were�
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