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Disfigured stories from the mechanical eyes - You�re contaminated, hypnotized by the box - Unwittingly addicted to his imperative need - Succubus of mankind, ingesting your life - Scene relative to action - Victimized by reality shows - Looking in neighbour�s garden via the cubic Cyclops - To attest that you�re not so offended by life - I can exhibit my supremacy on a survival program - Even if I lose, I will get sympathy from people - And tomorrow, I�ll be at a late show - Always diverging on every channel - News casters interpret his vision, his comments - Presenting facts from their own visualization - Human drama, traumatized situation - Replayed for psychotic sentimentalists - Meaningless soap of futility, recreating plastic emotions - Mirror of our seedy creation - Problems of society written down by money-eyed producers - Cheapest stories, uninteresting scripts - Mystified zombies avid of the illusory - Disfigured stories from the mechanical eyes - You�re contaminated, hypnotized by the box - Making a scoop with nobody: A child disfigured by his sister - Transsexual misogynist - Dysfunctional no-names - Howling his shocking life for money and empathy of the devouring audiences - Vociferate truth at loud to aware minds - For a long time eclipsed in the dream world - Revolting reality tragically offered - Indifference to outside - Nailed face to your world - Transform in viewer� only a viewer of erosion - Sensationalist in low budget - Hatred propaganda - Their real ending, a happy conclusion: evil will die, heroes will win?
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