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Desultory - Leeching Life dalszöveg

Drained from wounds that you cannot see
Carry nothing and have nothing to give
Swim in chaos - smother in doubt
A painful life now lies ahead
Now - it's dark inside - memories stashed away
Now - it's dark inside - shame and guilt is our child

There's no light where we stray
No salvation where we aim
Don't want to die if I never lived
Close the door you're on your own

Pain - is all they left behind
Pain - is all that's left inside

Right here - I fall
Right here is where it ends
Blood in my eyes
Blood in my mouth

Moving on - but can't you see
We're just an inch from falling down
Walking backwards embracing the dead
Can't go back - you're on your own
Now - it's dark inside - shame and guilt is our child
Now - it's dark inside - memories stahed away
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