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Dim Vision - Emptiness Stricken dalszöveg

In the hall of shame
Among the impaled dreams
I keep on collecting these scars
To prove you I�m not that far
From the point where it will start again

So remove your clothes
Be the one I want you to be
Seeking and searching the obscure mark
In the entire universe

My grip loosen on the arm of sanity
Swallowed the pain found my smooth levity
My hands are bleeding I know
But they�re not yours, they are my own hands

You feed me with one hand
But in the other you hold a knife
The blade is cold, the blood is colder

As you�re getting closer
I�m on the ground
Facing the sky
�as you�re getting closer
Slit my throat gently!

There�s no use to say goodbye �cause
No one knows me and it�s time to ascend
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