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Dim Vision - Subconscious Shades dalszöveg

Hypocrisy feeds my misanthropy
Egoism is the key to disagree
Deep down inside nothing seems real
Nothing hangs together

Obedience means suicide
Slavery infects our life
Stay what we are, strong and proud
Without compassion against the crowd

Seduction of the innocent
Temptation of a better world
Guilty conscious, never again
Seduction of the innocent
Temptation of a better world

Feel my power
Frittering away
On this infinite wait

Under the pressure The circumstances
The end of our existence is near Victimize us
Pain stretches our consciousness To save their own
It�s hard, so hard Favored servants
Without you!

Something we can�t avoid
Getting lost in the void
With your closed eyes
You�ll never see the stars

There is no human pain
That won�t become
Dull in time, just like
Our meaningless life

Find yourself!
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