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Dim Vision - The Epidermis dalszöveg

I can hardly move
A distinguished condition
Slit my throat gently
Such an uplifting feeling
Apathy filled my motions
I�ve been waiting for a word for so long
The word which doesn�t even exist
I�ve become empty
I am trying to fill in the void
But I only cram myself with

Filth, Neglect, Terror
Hope is gone, all is lost
Betrayal, Humiliation, Loneliness
Excoriates my skin

The epidermis

The tatters of my dignity are all over the room
I can pretend no more that I am not the man
To do such things
Unfathomable mysteries
Every day tormenting me

The sun has come out from behind the hill
I�ve seen it before, I don�t know when
It�s always the same, altering everything
Creating a new world

Black clouds are gathering
I am alone in this
Unfriendly surroundings
I really want to reach
My shelter from darkness
Is it real or just the
Side effect of fever
I feel the touch of death
On my naked neck and
In the chill nothing can
Blossom out from the dark
Zero point of the life
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